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About NG Thatching and Construction

NG Thatching and Construction has over 25 years experience in the thatching and construction industry thatching and constructing developments in the Commercial and Residential sectors. Our quality thatching is of the highest standard using "Cape Reed" thatch, "Dekriet" Thatch and "Hyperenia" Highveld thatch. Our company has an experienced technically skilled team and is rated one of the best Thatching and Construction companies in South Africa. Our Thatching and Construction successfully completed projects span across the entire Southern Africa.

NG Thatching and Construction offers:
• Large scale thatching and construction from Hotels to commercial developments to wildlife reserves
• Specialised thatching - tented camps, specialised ceilings, gazebos and entertainment areas
• Free Quotations
• Thatch Roof design
• Free Consultation
• Construction, Engineering and Design client liason
• Professionally supervised thatching and construction team
• After sales service
• Maintenance plans
• Guarantees on workmanship